Post thumbnail Meteny Cello : The Sound Evolution

Meteny Cello : The Sound Evolution

We’re excited to introduce our new Meteny cellos, crafted from the finest wood available for this line. Our skilled team meticulously shapes the archings. We then personally finalize the plate thicknesses, precisely place, adjust, and carve the bass bar, leveraging our expertise in violin making right here at our Brussels-based workshop. Each instrument is crafted to enhance its own particular characteristics of wood, which is key to achieving a rich sound.

We tested the results with professional musicians and compared the sound quality to that of our Atelier de la Dyle model (which making process is standardized). There is no doubt that our efforts and decisions have enhanced the depth of the timbre, color, and definition of the sound! These cellos can indeed meet the needs of both professional musicians and advanced students.

Photo gallery of the METENY cello Stradivari Duport 1711 model