Production, making

For a few years now, we have widened our activities and launched into manufacturing instruments.

Without concessions to quality for the sake of production efficiency, we carefully handpick materials and use specialist production methods to develop our stringed instruments. This allows us the complete mastery of the aesthetic value and guarantees excellent sound quality.

We seize this opportunity to enter into research and development activities to play with the sound and search for this ever-mysterious ‘Beautiful Sound’. We have come to realise, as we continue to perfect our skills, that we have reached a stage whereby we can have faith and let go, and just enjoy what we are doing.

This experience has allowed us to successfully start a production workshop for violins, violas and cellos with multiple price ranges. We supply violinmakers who then represent us in different countries around the world. We constantly renew our manufactured instruments for musicians in our area or those who wish to meet us directly.

Please take a look at our gallery to discover the stringed instruments we manufacture ourselves.